Once you’ve made the decision to sell, we guide you through every step of the process, from property valuation to closing, advocating for your best interests and honoring your time constraints. The steps of the selling process include:


Signing the listing contract
The listing contract is signed in our initial meeting as seller and agent. This document specifies the terms of our relationship, including legal duties and obligations. The contract also describes the terms under which your property is to be sold, including pricing.

Pricing your home
Correct pricing is the key to selling your home quickly and for the highest possible price. We prepare comparables (the sale price of similar homes in your neighborhood) and analyze market and seasonal trends. The condition of your property is also a factor in pricing. Other factors, including personal attachment, original cost, improvements, and the amount you need to make from the sale do not affect the asking price.

Reviewing your marketing plan
Our marketing plan is designed to sell your home at the highest price and to sell it quickly, with minimal hassle for you. We review the plan with you and answer your questions to ensure that you understand our strategy and have the opportunity to provide input.

Staging your home
At no additional charge to you, and at your request, we professionally stage your home using your furniture and accessories. The purpose of staging is to neutralize your home’s interior, to make it feel large and open, and create the opportunity for a potential buyer to imagine their belongings in the space. We encourage you to pack personal items and to de-clutter.

Showing your home
Preparing your home to look its best, and then keeping it that way throughout the selling period, is critical. The home needs to be clean and free of odors, with toys and personal items out of sight. Pets need to be secured before a showing. First impressions are of the utmost importance. Keep the grass mowed and the gardens tended to create a pleasing appearance from the street. Keep the front walk, porch and entry door clean and freshly-painted. If possible, leave your home during showings, or go for a walk when the potential buyers arrive. Do not engage in conversation. They have come with their agent to look at your home, without distractions.


Dealing with offers
We review all offers with you and discuss their pros and cons. Offers typically include deadlines for due diligence, items the purchaser requests be included in the sale, and fixtures to be excluded. We advise you about accepting the offer or proposing a counter-offer, and guide you through the process until an offer is in place. 

Handling the inspection
Once you’ve accepted their offer, your buyer hires a home inspector to conduct a thorough inspection of the home and its systems to verify that everything is in good, working condition. The inspection process usually reveals items that need addressing. We help you negotiate the items on the Inspection Notice and reach an agreement with your buyer.

Preparing to move
Contact your utility, phone and cable companies with your disconnect or transfer dates. Complete a change of address card at your local post office or handle the change online. Update your address with the DMV and the Secretary of State for voter registration.

Completing the sale
We accompany you to the closing, ensure that the paperwork is in order, and offer our congratulations on the successful sale of your home.