Buying a Home

We help you find a home that suits your family’s needs, accommodates your lifestyle, satisfies your financial criteria and generally feels like a terrific fit. We advocate on your behalf and do our best to lessen the confusion that occasionally accompanies the purchase of a new home. We’re here to guide you through the steps of the buying process:


Qualifying for a loan 
We recommend you start the buying process by talking with a home mortgage consultant. You want to avoid falling in love with a home you ultimately can’t afford.

Agreeing to the terms 
Together we review the Broker Agency agreement, establish the terms of our relationship, and talk about what you want in your next home. We discuss your preferred location, price range and, if applicable, any time constraints on your part.

Reviewing properties 
You receive an email from us with listings that meet your criteria. If several homes appeal to you, we suggest you do “drive-bys” to check out the streetscape, neighborhood and nearby amenities, then fine-tune your list.

Visiting properties
Together we look at the properties that interest you. 

Making an offer 
When you see the home you’d like to buy, we discuss an appropriate offer, including pricing and terms. We write the contract, review it with you, and submit it with your earnest money check. 

Negotiating the offer
Typically, but not always, buyer and seller go back and forth before settling on the final price and terms. We advocate on your behalf during the negotiating process.

Doing due diligence
We guide you through the inspection process, title work, any required surveys, and the home appraisal. We stay on top of the paperwork and keep track of the deadlines so you can prepare for the move.

Closing on your new home
We accompany you to the closing, answer your questions, and handle any issues should they arise.